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As part of HackUTD VII, I created CrowdAdvisor with 3 other group members, and we won first place for Capital One's "Best Financial Hack" challenge. CrowdAdvisor presents social media sentiment, most popular news, tweets, and financial information to the user in order to make more informed decisions about investing in stocks and cryptocurrency.

CrowdAdvisor demo 1 CrowdAdvisor demo 2 CrowdAdvisor demo 3

CrowdAdvisor uses Gatsby.js and React for the frontend and Node.js for the backend. We utilized the Twitter API to sourcing popular tweets and the Finnhub API for general stock and crypto information. Our web app runs on Google Firebase Hosting, while our database runs on Firestore. We run the backend on Google Functions in order to periodically update our database and run search queries.


Source code for CrowdAdvisor is available on Github.