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EXPANSIA Group, Inc.


Software Engineer, Dec 2021 - Present

At EXPANSIA Group, Inc., I'm architecting a full-stack Big Data web solution to select, analyze, and track 3D-printed parts for the Department of Defense. While working there, I've improved performance of data ingest pipeline by 5x, refactored technical debt out of a legacy web app into a modern application, and created an internal automation tool.

I've successfully worked on multiple teams using Agile methodologies, participated in code reviews, and reached out to others when I got stuck. I've built and modified pages and components referencing design mockups, and implemented new backend microservices to support new features. I delivered last-minute features to meet a deadline, resulting in a very well received demo to the client.

I've gained further experience with JavaScript/TypeScript and Python, tools like Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, and Azure, and philosophies like microservices and cloud computing.